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Shout-Out Sunday: Franklin Kernes Makes Me Want to Dance

Forgive my Shout-Out Sunday on a Monday. I've been busy. :P

Franklin Kernes lives just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina where I can only imagine he has a fabulously messy studio loaded with spray paint cans, lots of brushes and paint piled up to the ceiling. I'm probably completely wrong, but this image makes my brain happy. Another thing that makes my brain happy is looking at Franklin's work....which I could easily do for hours. When asked about his title, he jokingly referred to himself as an Acrylic Assassin. Dude. That's no joke, because you are killing it! (Lame joke. Sorry. Not sorry.) His (perhaps more aptly described) abstract expressionism is one part art, one part message and one part energy that combines to create painted canvases that pull you in, looking for their hidden (or not-so-hidden) meanings. At first glance, the bold, colorful gestures mimic wild movement (hence making me want to dance). Step a little closer and you'll start to pick out images, words and other secrets lurking in the brushstrokes. I hope you'll all take a moment to visit Franklin's website at or hit him up on Instagram (fk.creative), Facebook (F Kernes Creative) or e-mail at to snag some of his work for your home so you have an excuse to dance a little more often. ;)

"Curry Summer 2016" by Franklin Kernes

Q: How do people usually react to your artwork? How does this make you feel?

A: People are usually drawn to my works from across the room. They get a glance, and their brain and eyes go to work trying to make sense of it all. Soon after they walk over for a closer look, and as they approach they are noticing familiar shapes and patterns. And they want to know more about it. It kinda pulls you in that way.

I couldn't be more pleased with how people react.

"Energies 2" by Franklin Kernes

Q: Describe an average day in your life.

A: An average day for me consists of waking up, helping my wife get our daughter ready, taking her to daycare, driving to work (my side is graphic design) and doing that for 8 hours, picking up my daughter, dinner, bath, bed for her, spend a little time with the wife and then I turn into an artist. LOL (Long run on sentence, but hey it's a long day). Most of my work is doing evenings and late nights. But I like it that way, it allows me to both spend time with my family and be a professional artist.

"I Am" by Franklin Kernes

Q: What's your process for creating a new piece of art?

A: First, I like to meditate. After that, I try to channel the energy from my meditation into the canvas. Aiming to listen and allow the painting to create itself. Once the palette is set, the background is usually the first step. Applying color with different tools. Spraying the canvas with water. Next comes the bold black lines, random and organically. Rotating the canvas as I work allows more direction for shapes and patterns. Adding more color between making marks until finished (kinda).

"Things Eye See" by Franklin Kernes

Q: What advice would you give a budding artist?

A: I would say, a lot of the time, we know what we need to do. But we won't do it. That's the hardest part sometimes. The execution. Do what you already know you should be doing. Take a risk, do something that scares you. That applies to everyone, not just artists.

Q: What inspires you?

A: I'm inspired by my family, music, and the world around us. There is inspiration everywhere.

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