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Shout-Out Sunday: Don't try to operate heavy machinery while viewing Matthew Warlick's art

I met Dallas illustrator and designer Matthew Warlick through a Facebook post by a friend of mine. She was asking if she should have separate Instagram accounts for her art and her personal life. I put my two cents in and told her she should be one of my Shout-Out Sunday artists (still waiting, Kat...) Anyway, as I perused the other feedback, I thought I'd check out some of her other artist friends. The standout of that endeavor was this gentleman, by far. As a newbie to digital art, his designs impress and inspire me. The creativity seems effortless and the execution flawless. His trippy images are practically dripping with imagination. I don't know what they all mean, but looking at them makes me feel like I'm on drugs...or should be. Don't take my word for it. Check it out for yourself!

Instagram handle @warlick


What's your preferred method for potential clients to contact you or purchase your work? Email or through my Etsy shop at

Q: Who are your favorite artists?

A: Right now I'm really into Moebius, aka Jean Giraud. His work in the original Heavy Metal magazine, and specifically his more surrealist work are big inspirations right now. Other current influences include painter Steven Russel Black, illustrator Jen Bartel and Chiara Bautista.

Q: What advice would you give a budding artist?

A: Make as much art as you can, knowing that you won't be happy with most of it. For every great piece you complete you may have dozens or hundreds of others that didn't quite hit the mark.

Q: How does art influence your life?

A: Art influences almost every aspect of my life. As well as being an illustrator I also run my own design studio, Studio Warlick, where I provide graphic, visual and web design services to clients both big and small. Most of my friends are artists of some sort, be they musicians, performers or other types of visual artists.

Q: What has been your greatest art-related challenge?

A: By far the hardest part is establishing a unique style. It can often feel like you're style is constantly changing or you're chasing the newest trend, so finding a style you're comfortable with can be a challenge. I can't remember who said it but the following quote is something I firmly believe: "Style is what happens when you stop trying to make a style happen".

Q: What's the most important trait a person needs to have in order to make it as a successful artist?

A: Persistence, hands down. Our society undervalues art and design and you'll often hear things like "when are you going to get a real job?" or "How do you pay your bills" and the only way to make it is to not give up. Successful artists are often just too stubborn to quit.

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