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I use only top-quality art supplies to ensure that your artwork will look amazing and last a lifetime! I will work with you from start to finish to deliver exactly what you are looking for. Contact me today to commission your one-of-a-kind piece of original artwork!

7 Steps to Commissioning Your Perfect Portrait - This is a blog post I wrote that will help you make some decisions about your artwork. It's geared toward portraits, but much of the information can pertain to murals as well.

What to Expect When Working With Me - And here's some information about what to expect throughout the process.


  • What size would you like your final artwork to be?*

  • What is the subject of your artwork?

  • Do you have a photo to work from, or will additional design work be required?

  • If working from a photo, what is the quality? Is it a high-resolution photo or does it need to be touched up?

  • In what artistic style would you like your artwork done? (examples include pop-art and photo-realism)*

  • How will we be getting your artwork to you? Shipping and delivery will incur a fee, but you may pick your art up from my studio near Denton, Texas for free.

  • Does your project require any special materials like gold leaf or sealants?

  • In what medium would you like your artwork done?*

  • On what surface would you like your artwork? (Certain mediums may determine the surface.)

  • Do you have a deadline for your artwork?

*Additional resources to help determine these items are available here.


  1. The initial consultation is free. We can discuss your project over the phone, through e-mail or preferably, in person. In order to provide you with an accurate quote, I will need the information described above. I may do a some very basic sketches or digital mockups to determine the intricacy of your desired style.

  2. Once I have a clear understanding of the above, I will send a Proposal that includes pricing and other information. If the price is acceptable, you will send back the signed agreement. 

  3. If extensive designs are necessary, I may include a Non-Disclosure Agreement that must be signed and returned to me prior to commencement of the design work.

  4. I will then send an Invoice for your 50% deposit. Payment options are listed on the invoice.

  5. With the Invoice, I will send a Commission Agreement that outlines all financial and legal details surround the transaction.

  6. Your payment of the deposit designates agreement to the terms held within the Commission Agreement. Once received, I will provide basic drawings/designs, if necessary.

  7. When we've agreed on a final design, I will purchase any necessary items required to complete your artwork and I will begin working.

  8. Throughout the process, I will share progress photos with you to ensure that the project is headed in the right direction.

  9. Once complete, an invoice for the remaining 50% will be sent. If your item is to be shipped, these costs will be included on your invoice. If you prefer for me to deliver the item, a delivery fee will be included on your invoice.

  10. When the final payment is received, I will provide you with a receipt and a Statement of Maintenance outlining the products used and proper maintenance of your artwork.

  11. In many cases, I will record a time lapse video of my work and post it on YouTube. If I am able to do this for your project, I will send you the link.

  12. For oil paintings only, these will be transferred with a removable varnish. This is only to offer temporary protection for the work while it is drying. A final varnish will need to be applied one year following completion. This may be performed by myself or another art professional. I will contact you when it is time for your final varnish.


  • Design fee (rate varies between $50 and $1,000) may be assessed if merging of photos or other design-related tasks are required. No design fee will apply if your artwork is a reproduction of a single high-resolution photograph. Rate includes up to 3 initial designs and 3 revisions of one design. Additional revisions are available for $150 each.

  • Design modifications or additions made after the design has been accepted and work begun, may incur additional fees, depending on the scope of the changes.

  • If you do not currently have a photo from which to work, I may be able to arrange a quick photo shoot for an additional fee, provided that you are in my geographical area (Denton, TX).

  • Additional subjects (human or otherwise) will incur an additional charge. The rate is fully dependent on the number of subjects. Please contact me for a quote if your project includes more than three subjects.

  • Depending on the medium, surfaces other than paper or canvas (or canvas with a depth greater than .75 inches) may incur an additional fee. If you wish to have your project completed on a surface other than standard gallery-wrapped canvas, Bristol Board (thick drawing paper), charcoal paper or watercolor paper, please contact me for a quote.

  • Artwork of subjects other than human or animal may raise or lower your price.

  • If painting on a canvas, I generally paint the edges black for hanging without a frame. If you would like the edges painted to match the painting, an additional fee may apply.

  • Pricing shown is for artwork done in a photo-realistic style. Pop-art paintings, sketches, cartoons, etc. may be provided at a lower rate, but a design fee will generally apply.

  • Please allow a minimum of 60 days to complete your artwork. Rush fees may apply if your art is needed in less time.

  • No additional fees will be required for artwork that will be picked up from my studio in Denton, TX. Otherwise, shipping or delivery fees may apply.

  • Additional fees may apply if non-standard supplies must be ordered or acquired outside of the Denton, TX area.

  • If resin or other on-traditional sealants are requested, a fee may apply.

Prices subject to change


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