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The silver line

The Silver Line

Human Hair, Water, Tweezers

Inspired by one of Marina Abramovic’s pieces in the mid-90s where the point of a pin threatens the subject’s eye, I wanted to take a close-up look at the process of plucking gray hairs from my head. This video challenges the viewer to consider western concepts of beauty as associated with age. Women must alter their bodies through often painful methods to maintain a youthful appearance to remain valid in society. Conversely, the aging process creates a distinguished appearance among men. While women engage in all manner of plucking, tucking, nipping and lifting, men rest easy and give it not a moment’s thought.

For whom do we endure these trials? Do we do it to please others? Do we do it to give ourselves an illusion of cheating time? The next time you engage in these actions, stop to consider why.

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