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By Shelly Denning
December 2019
Mixed Media (steel, plastic, latex, oil paint, rubber cement, thread, glue)


As a nation and as a world, we have made many strides toward equality, but we still have a long road ahead of us. The road may be shaky and perhaps a little uncertain, but we must trudge ahead if we ever hope to achieve true liberty and a sense of community. This instability is
demonstrated through the zig-zagging lines of the sculpture’s support and the general wobble of the piece.


Patches of mock human flesh have been labeled with markers that may be used to identify people by their appearance or background. It is these labels that hold us back. It is dangerous to continue looking at others in such a manner, hence the spikes sticking out from the sides of the structure.

By simply changing your perspective, you become safe and head to the right path. As the piece only tilts from side to side (not front to back), you can stand to either end of the piece to be out of harm’s way. Stand to the back of the piece and see that we are all the same on the inside. Stand to the front of the piece by the red plastic entitled “HUMAN” and peer through it to see the labels disappear. From these perspectives, we may now judge others not by their appearance, but by the quality of their character. It is in this way that we will succeed.

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