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7 Steps to Commissioning Your Perfect Portrait - This is a blog post I wrote that will help you make some decisions about your artwork. It's geared toward portraits, but much of the information can pertain to murals as well.

What to Expect When Working With Me - And here's some information about what to expect throughout the process.

Mural pricing is influenced by a number of factors including, but not limited to:

  • Size: How many square feet (length x width) will the painting cover?

  • Design: Is this a simple logo or a detailed painting?

  • Location: Is it to be done indoors on a reachable wall or 20 feet up the side of a building?

  • Geographic Location: Will I need to travel more than an hour to get to the mural site?

  • Materials: Can this be done with basic latex paint or does it require special supplies like gold leaf or sealants?

  • Surface: Does the surface have a coat of paint already or is it completely raw?

  • Working Conditions: Will I be working in an air-conditioned office or outside in the heat?

A very general price list is included below. Your project may fall into one or between any two of these categories, depending on the factors outlined above.


  1. The initial consultation is free. We can discuss your project over the phone, through e-mail or in person. I will need information such as the items listed above. I may do a some very basic sketches or mockups to determine the intricacy of your desired design.

  2. Once I have a clear understanding of what you are looking for, I will send a Proposal that includes the pricing and other information. If the price is acceptable, you will send back the signed agreement. 

  3. I will then send an Invoice for your 50% deposit. Payment options are listed on the invoice.

  4. With the Invoice, I will send a Commission Agreement that outlines all financial and legal details surround the transaction.

  5. When I receive your payment and signed Commission Agreement, I will provide detailed drawings/designs. A design fee may apply.

  6. When we've agreed on a final design, I will purchase any necessary items required to complete your mural.

  7. I will communicate with you to pick a time and date to begin the project.

  8. Any furniture or other items blocking the area to be painted, must be moved out of the way before I can begin painting.

  9. Throughout the process, I will share progress photos with you to ensure that the project is headed in the right direction.

  10. Once complete, the remaining 50% is due.

  11. When the final payment is received, I will provide you with a receipt and a Maintenance Form outlining the products used and proper maintenance of your mural.

  12. In many cases, I will record a time lapse video of my work and post it on YouTube. If I am able to do this for your project, I will send you the link.


Additional fees that may affect your quote include:

  • Basic supplies that may include paint, drop plastic, tins for touch-up paint, brushes, roller covers, sealant, cleaners, tape, etc. (to be assessed per project)

  • Scaffolding rental, delivery and assembly if your mural is higher than 10 feet or is otherwise difficult to reach. (usually around $100/day, depending on height)

  • Mileage fees for any travel exceeding a 2-hour round trip from my studio in Denton, TX. ($0.50/mile over 2 hours for a round trip; assessed for each trip to the mural location)

  • Lodging and meals if the project is to span more than 3 days and exceeds a 3-hour round trip from my studio in Denton, TX. (based on local rates)

  • Design fee may be assessed if new artwork or digital mockups are required. No design fee will apply if you provide finished designs or artwork. (rate varies between $250 and $1,000) Rate includes up to 3 initial designs and 3 revisions of one design. Additional revisions are available for $150 each.

  • If the surface does not have a base coat of paint (such as raw brick or cement), extra time and materials will be needed to complete the base coat. (rate varies based on size and material)

  • For minor wall patching and repairs, I will complete these at a cost of time and materials. For extensive repairs, I will subcontract someone to fix these items before I begin the mural.

  • Design modifications or additions made after the design has been accepted and work begun, may incur additional fees, depending on the scope of the changes.

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